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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

'Maimed by the System'


I have started work on my new book, tentatively titled 'Maimed by the System'. 

It would be a picture book with individual survivor/success stories of military veterans (including disabled veterans) and their families who were forced to wage battles, legal or otherwise, against the system and the officialdom to get what was rightfully theirs. 

Though I am not short on data, please share if you are aware of any such thought provoking or unusual human-interest stories which may be considered to be included by me in the book.

I shall also be grateful for any ideas or suggestions on the subject. 

Warm Regards



zulven said...

Hello Maj Navdeep. Pls let me know how I could send you my article which would make a very interesting reading if you consider for publishing.
Wg Cdr Julian D' Souza (Retd)

Prof. (Wg Cdr) Arvind Kumar said...


Unknown said...

While many have fought the system many others have helped others in distress too.
It is worthwhile bringing out this aspect also
You may also like to add why veterans are in distress.While the apathy of the system is well known,the individual's ignorance & apathy towards own family members is also adding to the distress.

ramanan said...

Sir, congratulations. I book for my copy now itself. regards. ramanans

All adm Job said...

Dear Navdeep,

That's wonderful. I will also request you to send / gift a copy of the book to each defence minister, Prime Ministers who are alive. Including President of India and also to all the National Political Parties of India.

With this some times they may give instructions to the Babu's not to do this kind of Harm.

I know this is going to another feather in your cap.

May God Bless U.


Rajeev Behal
93571 72728

Anonymous said...

Dear Maj Navdeep,
Best wishes in your endeavour.You singlehandedly with the medium of this blog have made us more aware about the ills in the system .God bless!!

shishir said...

Hi Navdeep,
This the first time i am hearing of this blog.
Well we all points finger on extraneous factors for causes of sufferings to our community.While that will always be there in the existing Psyche of our system of governance, do also take some feed back from within, there would be many uncalled for practices of concern still prevalent, which could be weeded out with a few exposures. I am sure you are sensitive to it.
Its a great responsibility you are executing. Wishing you the Very Best. Keep the Honour of the service as the Highest Priority.