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Monday, July 15, 2013

Simplification of procedure for treatment and investigation of diabetes, hypertension, cardiac diseases, cancer and dialysis under the ECHS

Keeping in view the requirement of constant treatment and investigations for diabetes, hypertension, cardiac diseases, cancer and dialysis, the Ministry of Defence has decided to issue referral letters with a validity of six months rather than patients approaching the concerned authorities time and again for the same.

A very proactive step which would provide much needed relief to patients.

The letter has already been issued on 05 July 2013.

Though the same has been reported in most newspapers, those desirous of downloading the letter may do so by clicking here.


Asish said...

This is really a very good news, frequent approach for referral letter is really a laborious work. Long term validity referral letter will enable them to take treatment without frequent approaching for letter hazards.
Thanks a lot for sharing the news with us.


Sreenivasa S said...

Good Decision But - ECHS as a Scheme may need a overhaul, including accountability. Unfortunately all of us are Blind due to our own reasons.

பூவண்ணன் said...

dear sir

I have certain grievances on being a SSC officer and request your support for getting legal aid.

My grievances are

1-Why has short service been kept at 14 years. Is it to prevent giving pension as jawans become eligible for pension after 15 years.Is it fair to play with soldiers who have served in the same situations and areas but are denied benefits

2-The only benefit for SSC which doesnt exist for PC officers is increased gratuity of 1 month pay for every year completed year of service unlike PC officers who get 1/2 month gratuity for every year of service subjected to a maximum of 10 lakhs.SSC officers who have served 14 years too lose the benefit of 1 month grautuity due to the ceiling and have no objection in getting the same as PC officers if granted pension.We are not asking for OROP but atleast a jawan pension.

3-Denial of ECHS benefits is agross injustice for SSC officers.The amount of money deducted for ECHS from PC officers can be detected from SSC officers too to make them and their family eligible for ECHS

4-Officers with pension but retiring at the age of 52,54 are offered reemployment but SSC officers who after 14 years of service get released at a age which is ineligible for most govt jobs outside but are neither given pension nor offered reemployment.Is it possible for the army top brass and MOD to consider reemployment of SSC officers till they are provided alternate employment or reach the mandatory 20 years service required for pensionary benefits

I will be grateful if i can get your contact details for filing the necessary petitions to get releif

Col Prasad said...

The provision is there for Cancer and Dialysis since long and was being followed at RC level in Chennai.The diabetic,Hypertensive and Cardiac patients need medicines regularly which they have to collect from PCs. During that time it is in the interest of the patient that they should be investigated as required.It is also true that most of the guidelines do not percolate down to the user level. Perhaps it might have led to the issue of fresh directions from the ministry.The situation may not change if this letter also finds its place in the old and closed files.

Anonymous said...

Few days before my wife admitted for hystuctumy. The doctors suggested Laproscopic procedure. but the ECHS of that empanelled hospital has denied this procedure saying that, only open surgery is allowed for ECHS, So I had to pay Rs 65000/- for operation. even if I agreed to pay the difference, they did not entertain.

Jose Mathew

Anonymous said...

Though ECHS being functional in the line of CGHS beneficiaries, practically ECHS clientele are not getting medicines for their long treatment in a simple procedure as being in practice in CGHS clinics resorting to LP. This disparity is not understood & should be stopped.

Anonymous said...

I was associated with ECHS while serving with AMC & presently working with CGHS after retirement. CGHS beneficiaries are being issued all kinds of medicines at the level of wellness clinics without any difficulties & delay. Both the schemes are covered by Central Govt. Rules should be the same for beneficiaries belonging to ECHS & CGHS.

Col Saxena said...

PROBLEM in medicines:
this problem is due to simple reason that the admin head in polyclinic is a army officer with no clue to medical treatment and procedures for drug procurement...they procure inappropriate amounts of medicines and when these ECHS member go to colocated hospital they finish the drugs causing N/a of said item ...for example tab metformin a common diabetic medicine as per requirement in a zonal hospital is around 1 lac (done after calculating expense of past 10 months) same exersize is not done by ECHS and they demand a orbitary figure of say 10000 which gets exausted in 7-10 days and for rest 20 days they take medicine from colocated MH causing inconvenience to well calculated requirement of medicine in MH leading to short supply in common medicine.

Solution : administration in ECHS polyclinic should be a medical officer esp those which cater to large population in major cities. like in MH