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Monday, June 17, 2013

Oped / detailed analysis on the latest developments in the ‘rank pay’ case

Readers may like to access my Oped published at www.StratPost.com on the latest developments in the rank pay case whereby the issue has now been referred by the Defence Minister to the office of the Attorney General for advice.

Thank You.


Yogi said...

That the senior leadership of the Armed Forces needs to be much more diligent and knowledgeable on matters of pay and allowances, is not only because one day they will retire and loose `privileges' but for basic reason that they must be ethical while in service and do the job, which they are appointed to do. Sad fact is that their is a total lack of `spine' and `competence' in so called higher ranks.

Anonymous said...

Maj Navdeep FANTASTIC. Request you to pl guide RDOA for any further action or litigation.

Alok said...

A well written article.No wonder how noting of IHQ moving through the maze of MOD get diluted and take a tangential course.

Unknown said...

Dear Maj Navdeep,

A very well written, analyzed and reasoned article. Must be read by all the Mil Serv Personnel retired and in service.

In spite of a number of strong defense pensioner associations, it is surprising how the Govt is able to play football even in cases where clear-cut verdicts have been pronounced by the hon SC in favour of the former eg Rank Pay Case - and later the SCPC Mod Pairty cases.

This also creates a feeling that those now in service are either indifferent to the trials and tribulations of the old retirees or are simply chamchafying the Govt for their own self-interests (I may be wrong... but still feelings are feelings....) ......forgetting that one day they also have to retire and may have to face such humiliating consequences if corrective actions are not carried out in time now....VN

Anonymous said...

I had posted this on the chatroll, but for a more permanent record, I'm reposting here as it is relevant to this blog post. Those given the Lt Col(TS)and equivalent ranks, had got one time grant of pay-scale of lt col on implementation of V cpc. They had retained original (pre V cpc) increment dates and were not to be given increments annually wef 01 Jan 97, 98 so on but wef original incr dates eg 01 Jul 96, 01 Jul 97 etc. In some cases the dues and drawn statements issued at the time of payment of rank pay arrears have negated this causing a loss to such officers. Affected officers may recheck their statements.

As an example, some of these TS officers who had earlier got increments on 01 Jul 96, 97, after due clearance by audit authorities, and so on have now been given increments on 01 Jan 97, 98 and so on while calculating arrears. This in effect denies such officers full arrears.

Unknown said...

5. In the 6CPC there are so many disparities between officer and PBOR. It will be better
if Govt can reduce the disparity between officers and PBOR before settlement of

5. Few points of the disparity and disaffection are given below-

(a) There are three categories in the defence forces ie Offers, JCO’s and ORs but for MSP SubMaj put with Jawan for MSP Rs 2000/- , For Example MSP for the JCO’s must be at least -4000/ and ORs -2000/.but JCO’s knowingly down graded .

(b) ACP – Officers get three promotion or time scale in eight years.
& PBOR will get one ACP in eight years.
Why not the same criteria for Officer and PBOR?

(c) Pay and pension disparity a wide gap from SubMaj to officer rank.

Officers strength 5% have Pay band – 3, 4, Apex scale and Fixed (Four pay bands).
PBOR strength 95% have pay band – 1 & 2 (Two pay bands)
Why not SubMaj & equivalents given an Apex Pay scale?

There must be only Three Pay band in the Defence Forces ie Category wise Officers, JCO’s and OR’s–

OR’s (Sep, NK and Hav) - Pay band 1

JCO’s (NbSub, Sub and SubMaj) – Pay band 2

Officers (Lt to General) – Pay band 3

Why officers have so many pay bands?

6. You are requested to issue orders to IMPLEMENT NATIONAL COMMISSION FOR JCO’S/OR’S AND EQAVALENTS to settle all anomalies in the 7th Central Pay Commission (7th CPC) which is all ready working on it.

With warm regards
Yours sincerely