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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Tables have turned…..

There was a time when the Para-military forces (Central Police Organisations, now known as Central Armed Police Forces) used to look up to the defence services for inspiration. The defence services were the benchmark worth emulating.

The common lament amongst those serving in khakhi was that they were headed by outsiders and not by their own, that they were neither policemen nor faujis, that they were not granted facilities at par with their military counterparts though they too performed exacting duties.

The times have changed. Tables have turned.

Full credit goes to the Ministry of Home Affairs and also the heads of these organisations, who are from the Indian Police Service, for silently and effectively ensuring the much required welfare and comfort of the brave men and women of the CAPFs. Slowly and steadily they have not only ensured sensitivity towards members of the CAPFs but also taken care of the fact that they do not lag behind others in the facilities and benefits that they deserve.

Let’s run through some of the positive and well deserved changes brought about for CAPFs in the recent past:-

(a) Faster promotions and additional avenues: The promotions, both at non-gazetted and gazetted level, have been rationalized. Additional layers stand removed. For example, after the 6th CPC, the rank of Addl DIG stands abolished and officers are promoted from Commandant level directly to DIG. Also the rank of ADG has been introduced in many forces for cadre officers. Force heads have vouched for and strongly recommended improved cadre management including schemes of Assured Career Progression for the rank and file.

(b) Better posting profiles and deputations: Care is being taken for ensuring a balance between field and peace postings with emphasis on stability and optimum family life. Officers are also relieved for deputation on stable security related appointments in a smooth manner without citing any HR crunch.

(c) Facilities and benefits: The system of canteen services has been introduced and is going great guns without the red-tapism as is experienced in our CSD. Soon, it is expected to be better stocked and more effective than CSD.

(d)  Ex-force status: As discussed earlier on this blog, soon members of CAPFs would also be granted additional facilities and benefits based on the status of their being ex-members of these forces in a similar manner of what is being done for ex-servicemen of the defence services.

(e) Pay and allowances: The pay-scales and allowances are on a constant upward swing and an example can be visualized from this blogpost by Mr Nitin Gokhale.

(f) Pensionary benefits: The Department of Pension and Pensioners’ Welfare (DoPPW) deals with their pensions. An extremely sensitized department, it treats members of the CAPFs as its own and goes all out to alleviate their problems. For example when pension was abolished under the traditional system and the New (contributory) Pension Scheme was introduced for members of CAPFs, in order to overcome the difficulties of disabled personnel, it was decided that apart from the pension under the NPS, disabled personnel shall remain eligible even for regular disability pension under the Central Civil Services Extraordinary Pension Rules [CCS (EOP)] thereby bringing them the much required relief. The difference of attitude between the DoPPW and the Ministry of Defence has already been adequately discussed on this blog before.

(g) Litigation: Rarely would you find appeals being filed by the Govt against pensionary or disability benefits or welfare oriented schemes granted to members of the CAPFs, however our organizations, especially the Department of Ex-Servicemen Welfare and some elements of the Personnel Services Directorate, get sadist pleasure in challenging before the Supreme Court almost every case decided by judicial bodies in favour of disabled personnel. Isn’t it a matter of shame that almost 90% of Civil Appeals and SLPs filed by the Ministry of Defence in the Supreme Court are against their own disabled soldiers? Our own organisations are no different. When the AFT asked the Director General of Armed Forces Medical Service (DGAFMS) to honour the govt & AG’s Branch directions to grant limited outpatient medical facilities to non-pensioner ex-servicemen such as ECOs and SSCOs who are not members of ECHS, as already provided under existing policies, held hostage through blackmail by the office of the DGAFMS, the Army itself filed an appeal against the AFT order in the Supreme Court stating that these facilities should be withdrawn! Imagine, the Army tacitly filing a case in the SC against its own existing policy seeking directions to the Army itself that it (the Army) should be stopped from providing limited facilities to its own personnel, some of them in their 80s and 90s! Would the word shameful be enough?

These were only a few examples. The care and sensitivity displayed by those at the helm of the CAPFs and also the MHA is deeply appreciable and is worth emulating by the Ministry of Defence and the three defence services. Let us salute the brave men and women in uniform of the CAPFs who truly deserve the best, and also their leaders for standing by them!

Yes, the tables have turned. It’s time for the defence services to look up to the CAPFs!


DS Ramakrishna said...

@ Maj Navdeep, this was bound to happen since these services at higher level manned and headed by
IPS officers. The very selection process, in-service grooming, exposure and capacity to deal with
public policy of an IAS / IPS officers is much superior and sensible in comparison to the Commissioned Officers. That is they reason they are the Bureaucrats and we are the Faujis.Hope our so called Flag O's learn some positive lessons from this post.Regards.

PBOR said...

Why every one is proving better than AFs. "best" used to be the trademarks of AFs. To my mind problem of AFs is that we are afraid of our own men. Let it be non implementation of NFU or latest news via chatroll here about new promotion policy for PBORs in IAF. The line is being erased shorter to look another longer. Entirely “ulti” approach to be in control.

Accts Sat Paul Mittal School said...

Dear Navdeep,

I would like to say here, if we have to give credit for good things (welfare schemes or else)happening to or for any organisation credit goes to the leader or head of the organisation.

Same way if any organisation is not getting its due or entitled welfare schemes including pay and allowance and we can blame only one person i.e. leader of the organisation or Head of the organisation.

In clear words I would like to make responsible all the Chiefs (Army, Navy & Air Force) for the current situation of the Defense Forces.

Since they are not bale to present their cases and not able to press the Defense Minster for delivering the entitled schemes for their organisation.

Rajeev Behal
+91 9357172728

Anonymous said...

Most imp problem with armed forces is that we have our own enimies sitting in org.Those who get promotions thinks that they only deserve and others are not competent which is otherway correct ie only incometent but manipulators get promotions most of time. So those in higher ups are never sensitive to problem of others. If we delete Lt Col & Brig Rank and Col (TS) be same as col(selection) then some correction in equation be seen.Where is logic to differentiate between TS officer and Selection grade. No other service discriminate. One get early becoz there was vacancy but not becoz he was competent, other gets on time scale so he has more experience/ mature.Similarly disability benifit rules should change and MOD be sanitise not to go into appeal and furher any benifit given to one be given to all across the bd.

Library for Retired Defence Personnel said...

I salute the brave/WELFARE MINDED LEADERS and the brave men and women in uniform of CAPF. Also I take this opportunity to offer my heartfelt appreciation to the Ministry of Home Affairs for their sincere care and effort being taken towards the welfare of CAPF.

It is very heartening to note the contents in the Circulars released recently by the Department of Pension and Pensioners Welfare (DoPPW), in order to eliminate the difficulties faced by the pensioners in relation to new PPO etc. Now I understand from this post of Maj Navdeep Singh that the DoPPW deals with the pensions of CAPF and treats these brave personnel as its own and goes out to alleviate their problems.

My sincere thanks to DoPPW and to the Ministry of Home.

Ex-JWO Edward Michael
Indian Air Force

ex/sgt Biswajit De said...

Navdeep sir I can summarise this post by your earlier blog The travails of being soldier in India.

Anonymous said...

The reason why the heads of CAPF organisations could make a difference or make sweeping changes to the amenities and pay scales is mainly due to fact that these heads are having a say in the policy making by virtue of the ministry they work under. Ours is the only country where the millitary is secondary to para-military. But when the requirement arises like tackling floods, natural disasters or naxalites etc you require military to deal with and become expendables. One can remember what had bestowed upon the army commandos compared with the police personnel aftermath the attack on Taj. Even the honors supposed to be for armed forces are given to police personnel and later how the Kerala chief minister had commented upon late Major Unni. It has been a systematic and intentional degradadtion of armed forces than benevolence to CAPF. I do agree we ourselves are responsible for this.

bala said...

Disparity,denials,evasion and even violation of established Rules/prevailing practices in other depts of GOI are clearly and glaringly visible. Even a blind ,deaf and dumb can feel and perceive all these FAUXPASS perpetuated for decades.
All those at helm of matters are guilty of neglect.They are all liable and responsible for all these.
Most , at helm are only concerned with their extra perks/priveleges/protocols/promotions ...etc .No concern what so ever of people placed under them under provisions of ARMY ACT. those provisions of AA are most often abused and misused. With this sort of prevailing atmosphere and conditions what can happen???????... ONLY AN EARTHQUAKE CAN SHAKE THEM.

bala said...

It is reflection selfishness and incompetence ,particularly of heads in personnel branches of AF.

Velayudhan said...

Dear Maj Navadeep,

A brilliant article.Yes we were fully aware that the CAPF under the home minister P Chidambaram has made full use of his magnanimity and he looked after them like their own children and no body could question him.Its just otherway round in AF and the MoD.
Even in AF officers who are approved for promotion are retired without picking up the rank b'cause of lack of vacancies.This never happens in CAPF or any other services except in AF What to talk of NFFU and ACP.

Many brilliant officers suffer due to the shortage of vacancies and retire as colonels.
The system is reasonably fair and most officers gain promotions due to their own competence. However, there are many who benefit from regimental, caste and school affiliations. Parochialism and protégé-syndrome also influence promotions. In some cases, highly capable officers become victim of unfortunate circumstances or hostile environment; and they have no control over quirks of destiny.
Supersession Hurts
Supersession in itself is quite distressing. The severity of shock becomes extremely painful in case of the officers who are confident of getting approved for the next rank. Being unprepared for such a prospect, the blow has a devastating effect on their persona. Perversity of the current system of annual performance appraisal is responsible for giving false hopes to the officers.


Anonymous said...


It would have been nicer on your part had you given credit for quoting paras verbatim out of Maj Gen Mrinal Suman's article on supersession. But then we expect courtesies and niceties only from others while conveniently forgetting to observe these ourselves.


PS: Maj Gen Mrinal Suman's article is available on the following link:-


Anonymous said...

well said..
is the word "shameful " enough ??

dolly singh said...

I have no hesitation in saying that our top brass which is spineless is responsible for this.Unfortunately there are no signs of improvement in their attitude and outlook and much more worse i am afraid may be following.
With a separate pay commission for armed forces in future the situation may further worsen.
God only can save us from ourselves.

Yogi said...

The issue is not as cut and dried as those who blame Generals think! First and foremost, it is a matter of grave concern that a minister, in this case, then HM and now FM, can dispense public funds as personal largesse. Second is the issue of attitude of the MoD, including DoSW who consider soldier an adversary. How does a Chief tackle them? If he acts like VK, then we blame him for spoiling relations and if he Molly-coddled them, then we can him a wimp! Internally, we do not want to accept that the Army has to be. Steeply pyramidical organization, where supersession is order of the day. Each one of wants to retire as a General at the age of 60. Vast majority have no clue about the wider aspects of terms of service, career planning, pay fixation and rule of law! As the comments prove every one acts as a blind man when confronted by elephant!! If we were to undertake in-house redeployment and were to utilize all available vacancies for Exsm, the problem of truncated career of soldier will be resolved. In so far officer cadre is concerned, it has to be made up of at least 70 per cent SSCOs. Only 30 percent should be retained beyond seven years of commissioned service. Even those retained should be clearly told that only 25 per cent will go beyond the rank of Colonel. Take it or leave it! Acres like, AMC, Engineers, Signals, ASC and AOC should be civilianised to maximum. The cadres like JAG, Intelligence and AEC should be manned only by transferries from Arms.

karnail singh said...

Can you believe.......


The VI pay commission is set up to improve the basic pension, but In the case of Hony. Flying officer and eqv. rank in army & navy the basic pension is reduced. I am retired on 30.04.2005 as a Hony.Flying Officer. I was drawing pension of Rs. 7875 before VI pay commission,the 6th CPC reduced basic pension to Rs. 7800 on 01.01.2006. Any formula applied for fixation of pension which reduces the basic pension is wrong. The great injustice is done.After repeated request pension of Rs.90/- was increased by not applying any formla wef 1.07.2009.At present Iam getting basic pension of Rs 1600/- less than my junior rank.It should have been fixed as per fitment formula wef 01.01.2006.

Anonymous said...

It's a shame that the guys on top never really think about the men below.........These people have sold their souls.........It's a real shame that armed forces have to look up to CAPFs..........

Anonymous said...

Does the IPS have to deal with a shameful organisation called the CDA or MES which sap the Fauji's energy ?
Does an IPS officer with 15 years of service have to find his own chair and table in his HQ?
DOes an IPS officer with 20 years service (IG) have to wait for year or 18 months for acomodation?
Does an IPS officer with 30 years of service have a tag of "Time scale" attached to him with 8700 Grade Pay?
Does an IPS officer with 20 years of service feel elated if an old battered ( hired) Indica is provided to him on Temp Duty?
I dont think so.
It is because an IPS officer doesnt treat his own officers like crap and therefore ensures his own well being

sunny said...

There is only and only one solution to this.
Stop our Generals (Maj Gen and Above) any employment after retirement. It is just because of this hanging carrot that they fall into sycophancy with the Bureaucrats (even IIIrd Grade Babau)
Everything will fall into its place.

vishu said...

that's why i tell people that times have changed they must join capf over armed forces. besides, all these things mentioned by you at least they are subjected to civil law not archaic and draconian army act.

Anonymous said...

The Armed Forces is an exercise in self defeat. We have General officers who don't have any real powers except that of denying his subordinate (officers) leave or threaten him with transfers. Can a General give an officer more Pay than he is entitled? Then why is every General trying to suppress his juniors?
What has any General ever , I repeat EVER, done for his juniors? Nothing. But he will surely write articles in every possible media about his great contribution. After being a chamcha for 38 years, he will claim that he fought the system.
Look at the IAS, IPSWICH, IDAS etc.. Fantastic promotion for all, great housing, good working hours, no border posting, no Army Act to Court Martial for even minor offences, no summary trials, staff cars available to all, no worry about some CDA clown returning every claim however legitimate.
If the Fauj can provide even some of these benefits, we could work with so much more devotion and improve the Organisation to much greater heights.

Anonymous said...

I would like to mention that misunderstanding between officer's and men in few army units has been due to administrative vaccume between officers and men.This cannot be solved by dealing with such cases under army act.This will create more gap,which will be disastrous for the forces.The present chief will satisfy the minister and retire and may get a lequirative job after retirement.Why should he bother about the force he is commanding.

Anonymous said...

Only our bosses r to b blamed for that....
If u dont look after ur own people then who is going to look after u....DACP has been approved by cabinet 5 yrs back but not implemented in army....it has already been implemented for ITBP/CRPF/AR doctors....doesnt more educated doctors then their counterparts deserve that....its jealousy factor in arms officers which should b first sorted out by our bosses then only this organisation will gain something

manav musings said...

Dear Friends,
What Central Police forces have done now, is the result of game of catching up with Def Forces ethos and its welfare schemes. What they have done is to gone one step ahead of AF. They suffered for so many years. Instead of complaining, we in Defence force should fine tune what is already existing. Take example of ECHS. Its so good. Now why serving people cannot use it in non military stations?
Just by having open mind we can do so much.
Friends, by serving in Def Forces we become the chosen ones. We uplift our entire family and it continues even after our death.

Pokar Ram said...

@ Karnail singh,
Dear You may like to speak on 9414056782 or pokarram@gmail.com
for correct information on the subject

S.Kalakoti said...

Dear Navdeep,
You have made a very honest assessment. As an ex-soldier, I can surely endorse your views that the CPOs deserve to be treated on par with AFs as they have been at higher risk in the world of ruthless terrorism.

Anonymous said...

Dear all, its not very heartening to see that we cannot see the happiness of others. we have our ills and need to address them, why envy other service, if they have been able to address them. our gain should not be at someone else's cost and we should not feel bad if we dont get what we deserve because of lacunaes in our system. always wish well and good to others, what is due to you will come to you. im sure there are not many takers.

Anonymous said...

The Indian Services Officer is a typically Indian product.
Havent we all seen how people in a ticket queue behave. The ones close to the counter move slowly and with a smirk on their face because they are sure of getting a tkt. The ones at the back push and push till the counter is closed and then they all troop out muttering about black marketing and the sad state of the Nation etc... till a black ticket is offered to him at a reasonable rate. Then he forgets his earlier comments and walks away triumphantly with a few tickets in his hand and sneering at those who werent as 'lucky'.
Our Col, Brig and Gen behave like this at each rank and look down upon their own Lt Cols. The Lt Cols crib about the whole world till they get a 'TS' and then they too seem pleased till 54.
When will the Serving AF Officer develop a visible spine? When will they learn to deal with other Depts in a professional and dignified manner?
Sirring GEs, DCDAs and FAs and allotting out of turn accomodation to them is a norm for Cols and Brigs.

Anonymous said...


Lakshya said...

One has to understand mind set of Govt.Cops who are I/C of CPOs have advantage of serving Political Masters in some capacity somewhere.They take advantage of this and political clout.Though these CPOs have no espirit de corp as compared to Defence Services nor senior Cops have much field experience as compared.Gen/Marshalls/Admirals are professionals so is rank and file.There is no comparison.Police is police,Armed forces are last bastion of any Country which can be relied upon.So do not denigrade sacrifices for whatever little Babus and Politicos gave Forces.Yes forces can kick and get what they want like Pakistan and else where.But it is for Countrymen to take care of Soldiers and their families left behind.So next war CPOs can lead and Armed Forces can follow if you wish that to happen.Jai Hind Jai Armed Forces .

rajat said...

Most important thing is that in CAPF when you join you are taught to look after one another. In the defence forces the moment you join training you are taught cut throatism to make it on the top, so where does concern come for one another. People are trained to become sadist and drive pleasure by inflicting harm to there own colleges not even sparing course mates. The very system in the fauj is to climb on bodies of your own. Unfortunate part is that you are selected due to your abilities to perform in a group but after that your individual performance is what matters and not your ability to build the group.

Anonymous said...

In fact comparing AFs with civilian organisations is wrong. The managerial / admn skills of civil/PSU top bosses are much more polished and channelised than that of AFs.

123456 said...

the main reason for non progress of AF's is , we are obsessed only with one syndrome , superiority syndrome ,
, we are the best , A fauji is always senior , Lt col is historically senior to a coomadant of CPMF or Dir etc etc ,

Injustice done to faujis and many such issues , etc etc

Till we come out of this superiority complex , and focus on real issuee situation will not improve ,

Anonymous said...

@ Cops have much field experience as compared.Gen/Marshalls/Admirals are professionals so is rank and file.There is no comparison.Police is police,Armed forces are last bastion of any Country which can be relied upon.So do not denigrade sacrifices for whatever little Babus and Politicos gave Forces.Yes forces can kick and get what they want like Pakistan and else where.But it is for Countrymen to take care of Soldiers and their families left behind.

Dear Yes,

what a verbal vomit.. it was.
Im sick n tired of this " dying for the country " shit.
please dont nauseate me with patriotic jingoism which i hve been hearing ad nauseam.

Rajinder Verma said...

I have read some interesting views on Promotions and Cadre management. My take is since the problem is vexing and long outstanding it stands to reason that an out of the box solution only will address this problem.

Has reducing the age of the COs solved much. If anything it has only magnified some basic issues.

Why not remove the upper limit of entry to the OTA. Take in a FIT candidates for officer training at any age and if he/ she qualifies so be it. Entry could be open to the ranks too.

Commission at 35 would see such officers retire at 54 with 19 years of service. And what does the Army loose? The problem of age and fitness has been addressed by the new Medical Categorization under COPE Factors.

The move to have a larger number of short service commission officers from the two OTAs is also a welcome. Only the Army must not forget somewhere along the line they are short service commission officers and start granting permanent commission in large numbers.

As for Special Commission Officers, well there is only so many who can make the grade. The present lot of jawans cannot through up SCOs in large numbers and this is unlikely to change in the foreseeable future.

Another thing I find a little out of place is this constant equation to the IAS and IPS. Why has the Army taken a conscious decision not to pool in officers to the Central Cadre of the Central Government. If officers do not go out on deputation how do they grow intellectually and how do bring in new ideas to the parent service. We are constantly reminding the others we are ''better'' than them but doing pretty much nothing to prove to the world that we are as good as we claim to be. And this can only be done in a neutral environment where we do not have the advantage of the uniform and the organizational support but where only experience wit and drive alone are the contributing factors. We could have a large number of officers do well outside but the Adjutant General's Branch and Military Secretary forestall lateral movement on account of equations etc. Tjis needs a serious rethink. We need to ask for deputation alone in phase one and not lateral induction. If the officers do well in Project Tiger, World Wild Life, Public Sector Enterprises, etc I am sure the pull will soon overtake the push!

If we expect SSC officers to make a mark for themselves after 14 years in the Corporate world, pray why can officers after command not found adequate for higher command not be given an opportunity to contribute in similar enterprises. The claim that we cannot loose experience is misplaced. We have now generating tonnes of paper work in a plethora of high sounding appointments where these officers are struggling for basic perks and proportionate work !

A Headquarter today has only Colonels and soon reemployed Brigadiers. Some work while others get others to work and the General is busy keeping a tag on who is trying to do what! I am sure that is not what was envisaged ever. And while cutting flab is a requirement the same old solutions in newer forms and formats of minor SD need to revisited realistically, sooner the better!!

Anonymous said...

Dear Maj Navdeep,

I am writing something about within the org leave apart the IAS and allied services. In the army we have different entry routes to become an officer i.e NDA, DE (IMA), SS(OTA), ACC, SCO, PC(SL) etc. similarly we have different arms and services within the org. I have read some of the blog posted in your site regarding comparison of pay & promotion between AF and civil services. Here I would like to point out some of our own different pay/promotion policy within the org. Till the rk of Lt Col the promotion for all the offrs of various entries and arms/services are the same but thereafter the entry i.e. whether NDA,DE, SS, ACC, SCO and which arms/services are you serving will decide your promotion to the col and above rank. For example and Infantry Lt Col will be promoted to rk of Col within 14 and half years of service to 15 and half years of service at the same time his batch mate in other arms (Armd/Arty) will take 16 to 18 year and in services (AOC/ASC) it is 18 to 20 years of service and PC(SL) offr can forgate the promotion till retirement (corres on the sub in which cut off dts of CRs have been given can be reffered). similarly an NDA/DE/SS/ACC serving in Infantry can become Col from 14 and half years of service to 15 and half years of service but and SCO who is no lesser than above entries (except basic qualification, but he has to do all mandatory courses and to pass all promotion exam)can not be promoted to the rk of col. The Board of first batch passed out and joined Infantry in 1998 has not yet been conducted and there is no likelihood of the same in near future. Similarly there are disparity in the last rk of promotion i.e. an offr from AEC can not become Lt Gen (Now they are plg to promote)and PC(SL) offr can not become Maj Gen and SCO offr can not be promoted beyond the rank of Col inspite having age and completing all other criteria (no one had stopped Army HQ to make mandatory other qualifications/courses for them).

There are many other issues but for the time being these are enough to define how we within the org do differentiat one officer from another passed out from same/alike academy and in the same year and most of the cases in the same batch.

Anonymous said...

@ Anonymous said...

I am writing something about within the org leave apart the IAS and allied services.


we Indians are like this only. unfortunately, faujis are no better.

n mind you not only the carrer centric offrs are self-serving but the super-ceded offrs in stn hq's are no better.

we are all pieces of the same cloth. I dont mean that , each and everyone is the dark example.... but we all know the bare truth. let me not give a statistic on the rot in our cadre n thinking..
resource control to make another fellow offr to growl n beg for the 'hand-outs '...

we cant progress like this.. n please believe me, we never will. we are just not ready to change our pysche n negative mindset.

Unknown said...

Dear a Navdeep,I do not agree with your assessment that all is green in CAPFs.The promotions are very slow.The rank of commandant ha not been picked up by officers even after putting in 21 years of service and officers with 19 years of service are deputy commandants .so imagine the state of affairs and same is the state at higher and lower echelons for parent cadre

Anonymous said...

Yes POOR CAPFs does not anywhere qualify to be compared with Army or even Civil Govt employees. They are second class citizens with service conditions risk rules acts and regulation of Army and Emoluments even lesser than civil govt officials...Promotions only which are essential to run these organisations.They get paltry salary poor service conditions, alien bosses without any retirement benefit as pensions are contributory.CAPF doesn't need comparison they need pity.