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Saturday, November 10, 2012

Welcome step by the Army: Official website finally put to use for welfare of veterans (OFFICIAL NOTICE- Rank Pay Judgement)

Leaving bland sarkari attitude behind, the official establishment has finally made use of the potency of internet.

In order to ensure smooth implementation of the rank pay judgement rendered by the Supreme Court, the official Indian Army Website has placed online the names of all affected officers so as to enable them to check their particulars.

The notice placed on the official Army website with the said list, can be accessed by clicking here.

The link also contains the procedure for correction in case the particulars are found to be incorrect, or not found at all.

Officers who are not tech savvy or unable to handle MS Excel may kindly contact Maj Gen K Khorana at kkrishen [at] hotmail.com. The General has most kindly agreed to provide assistance to those requiring it. 

The use of social media and the power of internet was discussed on this blog earlier in February 2012 and that post can be accessed here. 


Col Pardaman Singh said...

Of course it is a very good step.But the problem is that most of Veterans of our vintage are not computer savvy so beside using this medium,they should give wide publicity by other means.Moreover the details which they are asking should be available with them and lastly the dates of various ranks prior to 01 Jan 1986 will not be of any use to them.
Col Pardaman Singh

Anonymous said...

The link is for those between 1986 ans 2002 only. This needs to be mentioned.

Anonymous said...

are the executive orders for implementation of rank pay issued ?
same question for OROP ?

PBOR said...

wish 'They" had done something (if not similar) for PBORs too

Anonymous said...

What about the Air Force and Navy Medical Officers? All have MR Numbers. All promotions, retirements were promulgated in the office of DGAFMS using the MR numbers. Dossiers of all AMC officers are available in this office so why the MOs seconded to other services (barring a few names) have been left out?

The period of three months given by the Chandigarh bench of AFT for implementation of HAG to medical officers with more than 22 years of service is over but there is no action apparently. This appears to be contempt of court! Do the powers of AFT include taking note and initiate action for contempt of court or is it a toothless tiger?

Anonymous said...

Shockingly CCDA(P)Allad has neither provided Corr PPOs after 1996 nor intimated the pension that I am supposed to receive from PDA (OBC) despite prolonged correspondence incl RTA. Retd in May 1989 & the PDA has even reduced the quantum of Pension a year back. Various pension cells loc at Allad also of no use.