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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Limited examination for induction into IPS soon

Indications are that the Kamal Kumar report recommendations on recruitment in the IPS through a limited departmental / competitive examination has been accepted with certain modifications by the Govt.

Every year, till about 2020, the UPSC would be recruiting officers directly into the IPS through a separate examination which would be over and above the quota of officers recruited through the regular Civil Services Examination.

The QR for the above would most probably be 5 years of service in the Army or the CAPFs at Group A level. It remains to be seen whether the seniority would be protected or not. The age limit shall be 35 years which marks a 10 year reduction from the 45 years recommended by Mr Kamal Kumar.

It is hoped and wished, that the forces would be magnanimous enough in smoothly approving the release of officers who are selected in the said examination.

This is a departure from the earlier reservations expressed by senior police officers on intake of military officers in the IPS. The relevant part of the report signifying the earlier thought process runs as under :-

4.2.7. Strong reservations were voiced against the induction of Army officers too, since many of the above obstacles would have to be confronted in their case as well. It was also pointed out that the Army itself was suffering from an acute shortage of officers which was much greater than that in the IPS, and it would not be prudent in the overall national interest to poach on the Army’s officer strength. The argument against the discharged officers of the Short Service Commission was that apart from the difficulties in imparting meaningful training to them in conceptual and practical skills of crime investigation etc. aspects of policing at their late age, it had also to be kept in mind that those who were not found good enough by the Army for further retention, may hardly be found useful for the IPS.


Anonymous said...

The arguement against the induction of SSC officers must be called "beautiful" to say the least. And the Army too must utilise this "beautiful" arguement to say that those students who did not have it in them chose to go for the non defence services.

Will this arguement ever work? or better still; when will such arguements work?!!

Olive Greens Chandigarh Panchkula said...

Good for SS offrs who do not get/opt for PRC. The system must support them in their resettlement

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Is this applicable only to army officers or is it for all three forces Viz Army, Navy and Airforce

Lt Col B S Chaudhary said...

The opportunity to compete for the IPS in the lilmted manner shall be perhaps open for all the three services.It is very unfortunate that the views of senior IPS officers on policy matters of national interest when considered by the HMA/Govt. of India are seen in isolation and accepted as gospel truth. The considered opinion of the Army/Navy/ Airforce are not taken care of.This happens due to the close reach of this lobby with the government. It is a known fact that during deployment of Army in the State of Punjab for I.S. duties in late eighties and early ninties the direct IPS officers managed to go out of the state on even non cadre jobs. It was a mass exodus just to avod serving under the control/command of Army officers.State PPS officers were promoted to IPS to man the appoitments at district and range level. This is the same lobby who is tiring to mislead the state under imaginary fears.On the contrary the system would enable the bond between Army and Civil Police to grow and there would be better understanding and co-ordination.However one should not forget that the written competitive examination shall be tough unlike the one conducted by UPSC for IMA/OTA. Let the officers of three services be motivated and encouraged to appear in the examination with full support of the organisation. Army had already missed the boat way back in early sixties to send officres in BSF for manning the service on the pattern of Assam Rifle. Service HQ should not create any hurdle in the proposed system on false notions/ prestige.It would rather attract a good number of young men and women to join three services in aroute to reaching civil services.

Lt Col B S Chaudhary

Anonymous said...

Dear Major Navdeep Sir and all Dear Blog Readers,

Time is now ripe that it ought to be most prudent to create a cadre to be known as "Indian Military Service" (IMS). Commissioned officers may wear golden insignia of IMS on their shoulders to replace the Corps or Regiment letters, where applicable. Just as civilian counterparts are assigned States / UTs etc, the Commissioned Officers of Armed Forces to be labelled as IMS may be assigned to one of the three sister services namely the Army, the Navy and the Air Force. Wearing of IMS insignia in brass letters should be good enough for identification, since the officers will wear uniform of their assigned Service / Cadre. This will only have warrant change in the policies and no monetary loss to the exchequer is anticipated. However, to minimise the existing wide gap of career progression between Defence Services and Civil Services, the assured career progression schemes on a par with those applicable to All India Services / Central Civil Services (Group 'A') need to extended to the proposed IMS Officers as well. This meausre will not only attract the capable youth equally towards both sides (rather more toward Armed Forces for obvious reasons). The proposed Ombudsman against corruption should take care of the hunger for income other than transparent source of income in all types of services, particularly govt / public services. Important to add here that entry into the proposed IDS must be made as competitive as on the civil side. As for huge numbers of officers of paramilitary forces, a similar provision needs to be brought about. The proposal mooted above for Defence Officers should also be implemented for para military officers with the only change that Para Military Officers may be authorized to wear silver coloured insignia "Indian Para Military Service" (IPMS) on shoulders. A suitable badge indicating the Para Military Service they belong to can be worn on both or any one arm. By doing so, the race and quest among the capable and the aspiring youth for making it to the Civil Services alone, setting aside Uniformed Services as the last resort (except IPS or maybe State Police Service Class I /II)can perhaps be addressed for ever.

Man ke ladoo feeke kyon. Kyon sahebaan, kaisa lagaa yah "Kadapee Asambhav Prastaav" !!!! Ha....ha......ha..... Wishing one and all Happy Diwali, Sweet Diwali, Bright Diwali and more important than all else SAFE DIWALI.

Tons of thanks to Maj Navdeep Sir for his untiring efforts to educate us all at the cost of his own valuable time and despite preoccupations.

Anonymous said...

The comment that SS officers were not found good enough for further retention needs to be clarified. Yes, there are some officers who are not competent enough but on an average, its the best and competent officers who take the risk of venturing out on another career.Hence, there should be a different yardstick between SS officers opting out and not granted PrC.

Sathye said...

Would anywhere in the world the serving young officers of a regular Army jostle for joining as police officers ?

That too not for seeking softer vocation but for reasonably dignified career growth opportunities. It is a shame.

There is a well calibrated design in place for about 2 decades or so to systematically marginalise the services in every possible manner from strategic security architecture of the nation. Now the effort is to make them an extension of the innumerable paramilitaries (whose roles incidentally are still under definition!).

The armed forces have been humbled to an extent that they are are being reduced to fighting for retention ofexisting parity with paramilitaries !(E.g. Cdrs of the Navy vz. Comdt of CG).

Soon the grant designs will succeed and the highly professional military that we have today will “grow” into a ragtag one.

Then you can deploy the “Cobras”, “Gray Hounds”, “Earth Worms” and the “NSG Badges”(Minus much maligned Army component) to deal with the Chinese who in any case are seem determined call the bluff.

Anonymous said...

The CAPF in india feel that they are equal to army in every way.They do not consider navy and airforce as defence services.even in this case only army officers can write the exam not navy or airforce.........it's surprising that the other two services are allowing this to happen.and the army itself is not bothered about the same.There are cases wherein the army has been short changed by the other services too...when will we all learn to voice our opinion as one???

gaurav & Tejinder said...

Dear sir, what is the progress in this regard & are the vacancies going to open anytime soon? Also please educate as to what will be the pattern of the exam?

Gaurav & tejinder

Saurabh The Geek said...

Is this opportunity not open for Permanent Commission Officers???

umesh said...

Dear Maj Navdeep, is this exam for permanent commissioned officers also,please give some information

Anonymous said...

Some gunk I.P.S so and so in a oblique report, makes a crazy statement which is bereft of logic or reasoning, that released Short Service Commissioned officers are no good for IPS as " Army has rejected them"!.

Do some homework retd IPS ji. Permanent commission optees not getting vigilance clearance are rejected which is rarest of the rare. 99.99% officers released by army are by officers' own accord.

Ha ! the retired genius should atleast understand the pitfalls of a prejudiced statement and biased allegation.

Merit of the candidate on a case to case basis should have been stressed.

There are a plethora of reasons: family, health, parents which influence decisions to opt for a release for SSC officers.

Retired defence personnel have brought laurels in every domain they have ventured in their 2nd careers( capt gopinath- air deccan, DLF's K P singh and many more corporate warriors).

I exhort that such maligning statements against released SSC officers, be expunged from the report.


Anonymous said...

Atleast these army officers (after being IPS) will live their life in peace as on ground level DIG/SP doesnt know how to lead team but have been given bigger profile than officer who is responsible for many lives.

Anonymous said...

Dear Maj Navdeep,
I must congratulate you for doing this great service of updating the service personnel. This opportunity of IPS cadre for Ex armed forces officers- in a way would transform the Internal security system in the longer term because of inherent imprint of purity of many virtues on the personality of all these officers from defense background. Lets welcome such positive decisions for many many reasons.

Ankur said...

Dear Sir, Sincerely wanted to know if limted entry into IPS has materialised for permanent commision officers after giving any exam? plz do tell
Regards Ankur!

vicky said...

dear sir,
pl tell me that for this ltd entry,i have to apch MS branch or upsc.if i would like to know about it pl tall me detail.

Major Christo said...

Is there any progress in this proposal or it is going to remain in draft stage for eternity!!!!!!, Officers who are looking for best of life style & service to nation and ethos should continue to be in Services, there is no other better place. I can vouch for after working in Army, Corporates and Public Sector undertaking.

Officers who are confident that they can be change agent and do not change instead from honest to corrupt are welcome to this game of politics and corrupt environment.

Major Christo

Anonymous said...

Iam shocked to see the bias that is going on within our armed forces itself. whenever anythng comes up of this sort it is meaningless to categories only officers of one arm are elligible. Who is giving these ideas... I hope who ever is giving it is mature and experienced enough.... when officers of all three arms r trained on the same pattern and thereafter they work for a common cause then why this diffrence.....
Also making a remark that there is hardly any need of ssc officers in civil services when they have not been given prc by their own arm is again very immature statement..... this very person need to read and check before whtevr he says.....

Anonymous said...

Navdeep sir,
is there any progress on this matter? because UPSC has not sent any notifications this year for limited departmental exam.

and the question of many bloggers about Permanent officers has not been answered
please make up wise on this issue

thanking you in anticipation

Col HR Ruhil (Retd) said...

the RQ for Limited Exam are as under:-h a v e c o m p l e t e d 0 5 y e a r s o f
c o n t i n u o u s a n d a c t u a l s e r v i c e a s
Deputy Superintendent of Police in
States under State Police Service or
Assistant Commandants in Central
Para Military Forces (Central Reserve
Police Service, Border Security Force,
I n d o T i b e t B o r d e r P o l i c e , Ce n t r a l
I n d u s t r i a l S e c u r i t y F o r c e a n d
Sashastra Seema Bal) or Officers of
t h e R a n k o f C a p t a i n o r M a j o r o r
equivalent in the Armed Forces.
(c) should have an unblemished service

Ghosty said...

what bout the permanently commissioned officers ?

are they eligible ?

or is it only for SS offrs ?

Anonymous said...

what about the seniority of army officers clearing this exam and what about antedate seniority?

Anonymous said...

It’s very unfortunate some people are not clear about the SSC thing. I wish they read a lil bit more and update themselves before making big comments. Lots of bright students do go for Short Service Commission after which they get into the corporate world and excel in their fields. There’s so much of choice involved. It’s not that army leaves them after five years because of their incompetency. Some cases may be there, but that’s a very small percentage. The system has been made this way that they can serve minimum five years (now ten years) then decide whether to opt for pc or to opt out. Once you don’t opt for pc you can ask for release as and when you want it during the extended period. The corporate doors are always open for these trained army officers.. bcoz they know they have it in them.. it can be in any field like man mgmt, material mgmt, security mgmt etc.

One should also not forget that they are selected through the CDS exam with SSB interviews.. and nobody can fool the SSB interviews at all.. I feel that even the UPSC Civil Services Exam should have this kind of interviews instead of the conversational one. One should keep in mind that many of the released SSC officers are doing very well in various fields in the global arena.

Anonymous said...

good afternoon sir,
thanks a lot for such a wonderful blog updating all.
can anyone please tell:
1. How many years will this opportunity continue?
2. The advertisement informs about the categorywise reservation in recruitment. This opportunity is for officers of state police,armed forces and paramilitary forces.Do they not come under creamy layer?

Rochak said...

What about protection of seniority?

martand said...

what about the seniority aspect? any ante date will be granted or anybody selected will be starting from the word scratch????

Anonymous said...

with 5 years of service and below 35 years of age. i fit the bill but i hate to see the stupid and willfull denial of an oppurtunity to army officers. the letter posted on 16th feb in ms br site states that army officers and ss officers cannot even think of joining such a service. the rules states such riders which no one can comply if one want to apply. i feel pathetic that i have even bouight books and started studying religiously and camwe to know of it yesterday about impposiblity to apply.
with a saddened heart and frustrated mind
captain upset

Anonymous said...

Latest edition to this whole world of promises is that no HRP exists in Air Force regarding this. However an old HRP exists which allows only SSC officers to apply for any civil post. But regardless of GOI letter clearly stating that its for defence officers irrespective of PC or SSC; IAF has allowed only SSC officers to appear in it. Moreover Govt needs to work out a policy to protect the seniority to some extent. you cant ask for gazetted officers with at least five years of active & continuous service and then put them back to trainee stage. Placing them even below the IAS cadre through CSE of the same year. comments are openly accepted. So what do you all have to say about it

Murali S said...

Any further update on the recruitment process please ? In my opinion, SSCs should try it out in the corporate world that rewards merit and offers dignity. I know several IAS & IPS officers who are honest and efficient coudn't succeed and sidelined by Politicians and live in frustration.

Eigibe SSCs my carefuly weigh the pros & Cons.

Best Wishes,
Murali S

Karan Bains said...

So is anyone litigating the fact that only service SSC officers can apply and Not the ones who opted out?

If the basis of the recommendation for only serving Officers is that the SSC ones are no Good then i guess it is good grounds for a case don't you think?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

sir,can anyone tell me that whether or not pc officer can sit for the limited ips?by the way am ana amc offr and have taken pc.my mail id is captamitavadutta@gmail.com

Anonymous said...

LCE is mired in controversy and many police officers want this scheme to be scrapped.

The intervention by the Supreme Court last week asking the UPSC not to announce the results of the Limited Competitive Examination (LCE) conducted on May 20 has underscored the fact that the decision of the Centre in trying to fill up vacant posts in the IPS through a new method is controversial. The recent chief ministers’ conference also had seen opposition from states for recruitment of over 100 IPS officers through the LCE.

Anonymous said...

The LCE is an examination which has thrown open the gates of IPS to officers of the defence and para military forces. Hitherto only gazetted police officers of the states of the rank of DySPs and above could join the IPS on promotion if they fulfilled certain conditions. In fact 33 per cent of total posts in any state IPS cadre is reserved for them. The grouse of serving police officers, IPS or otherwise, is that with the LCE, those not exactly conversant with crime prevention and law and order duties get an entry into IPS which might result in problems in police administration.

Any officer who has completed five years of continuous service as a DySP in any state or an asst. commandant in any central paramilitary force like BSF, CRPF, ITBP, NSG etc., or any officer in the armed forces who holds a rank of captain/major gets eligibility to write the LCE. The applicant needs to be below 37 years. The written examination is followed by a personality test.

Serious shortage

LCE is the solution evolved by the Centre to overcome the serious shortage of IPS officers all over the country. More than 1,300 out of 4,720 posts in the country are now vacant. Since IPS is an all India Service, this shortage not only affects the states, but the Centre too.The only way available to fill up these vacancies was to increase the annual intake of IPS officers through UPSC.

Though this has been tried in the last few years, it is found insufficient to overcome the problem. Appointing a very large number of IPS officers in a single year would affect cadre management.

The Centre therefore, appointed a committee headed by Kamal Kumar, a senior IPS officer, to suggest a solution. He favoured holding of the LCE after holding several consultations.

The concern of the serving police officers, both IPS and non-IPS, is that the influx of officers entering though LCE will seriously affect their seniority and promotion prospects. Those who take LCE are serving police officers or defence officers. Since the minimum age of entry for LCE is 35 years, they would definitely have 5 to 13 years of experience in government service. When they join IPS, their earlier service outside would also be reckoned and their inter-se seniority in the IPS would definitely affect junior level directly recruited IPS officers having less than ten year seniority.

Also a situation might arise wherein an additional SP in a state in the age group of 45 will become junior to his own DySP, if the DySP gets selected to IPS through LCE. As such there is a tough competition among state service police officers to get into IPS in the promotion quota available to them. In certain states like Odisha, where there is no direct recruitment of DySPs, the competition is tougher. In fact it is such officers who cannot get the eligibility to write the exam feel that LCE is unfair to them.

State service police officers who enter IPS through promotion quota of 33 per cent are normally around 45-50 years of age and during their 10-15 year tenure in IPS they will not seriously affect the career prospects of directly recruited IPS Officers. However those joining through LCE will be young having a career span of 20 to 25 years. They will pose a permanent threat to the direct recruits. This is the cause for the anxiety among direct recruits.

Earlier, after the China war, defence officers of emergency/short service commission were given an opportunity to join IPS (also IAS) through a special scheme. The fixation of their seniority in the IPS became a vexatious issue leading to plethora of litigations. Almost all such officers have now retired.

LCE, is mired in controversy and a large number of police officers want this scheme to be scrapped. They feel that before going ahead with the LCE, the Centre should have undertaken a wider range of consultation with the states as well as serving officers. Every one is now eagerly awaiting the decision of the Supreme Court.

venu said...

requirement of Limited entry IPS and the factors to be read by those who approached supreme court for slaughtering of these scheme.

venu said...

Present serving police officers who oppose LCE should religiously answer one question. Do you agree that a shortage of IPS officers exist in your cadre? Is there any shortage in direct entry quota? Is there any shortage in promotion quota? You cannot say NO to any of these questions unless you LIE. Only exception is those from Sikkim cadre who can religiously say, no, to the third question because it is the only one cadre without vacancies in promotion quota. Vacancies forwarded by different state cadres to the Kamal Kumar Committee has been given in his report.(Since UP and AGMUT has not forwarded the requisite data, IPS Civil List 2009 has been considered by the Committee.) As per the data provided by the states in this regard, total authorized IPS direct recruitment posts in India are 2714 and 412 of them are vacant. Among the total promotion quota posts of 1201, vacant posts are 242.ie, total vacant posts are 654.Uttar Pradesh, Orissa, West Bengal, Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka lead the list of total vacancies with 69, 59, 52,44 and 41 vacancies respectively. Law and order corruption cases in these states only prove the necessity to fill those vacancies. Don’t you even feel that these vacancies need to be filled to improve the efficiency of your cadre, to improve the internal security of your state or at least to reduce your work load (provided you are working or even unless wish to do so)...?!! Again you are left with no option to say 'No' (unless you are disloyal to yourself as well as to your state / society). It is also to be noted that the actual on ground requirement of IPS post is much more than the authorized posts. Consider the volume of crime or internal security problems existing in various States. Huge strength of police manpower existing in various States is to be considered because efficient control, direction, supervision and utilization of such huge force demand adequate positioning of IPS officers.

venu said...

Instead of making the cadre reviews more realistic and efficient with necessary foresight most of the State Governments, for meeting the growing needs of policing and internal security tasks as well as to merely enhance promotional prospects of their ’own’ officers, have been creating huge numbers of ‘ex-cadre posts’ within their own powers, at times, to the extent of disgustingly distorting the cadre structures. In India total authorized State Deputation Reserve (SDR) is just 525, but existing such posts are 1152..! Why many of the State governments (political parties) understand the feelings of their ‘OWN police’ more than the interest of the cadre and the state? And also note the various states topping the list with overflowing number of SDR posts. The leading states in this list are Maharashtra, Jammu & Kashmir, Gujarat, Tripura, Sikkim, Tamilnadu, Rajasthan Uttrakhand and West Bengal with existing SDR posts of 150, 60, 62, 19, 10, 76, 58, 17 and 76 against their authorized SDR posts of 32, 18, 22, 07, 04, 32, 25, 08 and 38 respectively. Due to acute shortage of IPS officers ( at the levels of SPs and DIGs) some state governments gradually filled some of these ‘ex-cadre’/ ‘non cadre’ posts with officers of the State Police Service In quite a few cases, State Service officers are even occupying several cadre posts, in gross violation of the IPS (Cadre) Rules as also the very spirit of All India Services, since IPS officers are required for ‘more’ important ‘ex-cadre’ / ‘cadre’ posts. This explains the stand of many Chief Ministers, opposing merit based LCE entry for IPS on which they have no control and also they are liable to explain why these ex- cadre posts are not yet taken up for encadrement and also to be asked for the reasons for not conducting cadre reviews as even they are due for so many years (periodicity of cadre review is fixed as five years).
The state police officers who believe in the ‘missing opportunity theory’ may please explain the reason for vacant posts of IPS promotion quota in various states. Do you really opposing the LCE entry because of the Kamal Kumar Committee’s recommendation that state police IPS recruits should serve minimum of one tenure, in challenging CPO (Central Police Organizations). Definitely discarding entire report is a wise and safe approach. Isn’t it? Also that is required is to just understand that LCE is not eating away your vacancies and the Kamal Kumar report also has recommended for better IPS selection procedures for the state police promotional quota aspirants.

IPS direct recruits who oppose LCE entry considering their career prospective also can help us in clearing certain doubts.

Do you firmly believe that your carrier progression is important than efficiency of your cadre and state?
Don’t you feel existing vacancies in many troubled states, CPOs and NE states not to be filled? Are you ready to take over such posts voluntarily?
Do you feel that ‘those not exactly conversant with crime prevention and law and order duties’ will be a threat, to the efficient and experienced people like you?
Do you feel vacant posts are required to be vacant for facilitating your career progression? If yes, then do you feel you are just better than nothing?
In short, while approaching serious issues such internal security, individuals and States need to have a boarder approach to overcome their ‘career progression aspirations and the local political control intentions of the state politicians over the police forces’, to ensure a better and effective professional police organization for the country.

Anonymous said...

Finally the results are out of IPS LCE need to know how many ppl have passed the exam ?

Jaydev said...

Sir, the debate over right and wrong may continue. I am a short service commission officer, ( opted out). Kindly help me with more information like - time of exam, mode of application etc.

Thanking you.

Anonymous said...

discussion will continue forever .
the important points are
1. whether PC offrs can apply ?
2. way of applying ?
3. how can we support this scheme ,letter to supreme court ?
4. this scheme ips should be for all 3 services .
...........Its better to ACT then to just discuss.

Maj Anita said...

How do we come to know about its notifications. I am a Retd SSC officer, interested in appearing for the exam. It would e of great help if the application process is told to me

Unknown said...

Constitution of India provides for three types of services at Central Government by enacting parliament made acts in the said order:
1. Defence Services
2. Civil Services
3. All India services- IAS /IPS /IFoS and IJS which can be made by a parliament act.

The Constitution of India do not provide that Defence services are subordinate to any of the other services at the Central Government. Therefore all the central services have to be inter se equal and do the duty assigned to them.

The proximity of AIS with the politicians have garnished them more say in day to day administration of the government.

The remedy rest with the Defence forces to allow time bound promotion like AIS at their end. The top generals should not be the speed breakers and allow the promotions till 60 years of age by gainful deployment in aid to civil power duties like IAS etc. who can efficiently can work till 60 years.

A new thinking is needed in the Defence services.

Anonymous said...

Dear Sirs,

Think there is a fundamental misconception about SS officers not getting PRC or is it not that they are found wanting in anything.

Any SS officerwho successfully passes out of OTA after the UPSC eam etc., is as competent as any other officer who is selected for PRC after 5 years.

It's purely for cost reasons that GOVT of India runs SS commission as there is always a need for young officers. So depending on every year a percentage is decided that 25% to be granted PRC, the other 25% extension and the remaining 50% let go.

Unfortunately, it's only for SS officers even though they too undergo all screening and training as officers that pass out of IMA, a screening happens after 5 years of service.

Not sure how may permanent commissioned officers would be retained if similar screening happens to them too after 5 years.

The SS commission is exploitative in nature that it exploits th youth of he nation with limited job opportunity and leaves them in the lurch after sometime.

The worst is the new policy that screwing now will happen after 10 years that for want of vacancy, officers will be thrown out after 10 years without any security.

With the change in GOVT, impending, we all should take it up to prevent exploitation of SS officers. Unfortunately, the hierarchical attitudes & selfishness that senior officers do not bother about the future of SS officers.

It may not be a bad idea to ban the SS commission that seems to be exploitative and not equal in the eyes of law.

Best Regards
SM Aiyangar

Umesh Singh Chuphal said...

Dear all,

The point that SS officers are not competent enough is all crap. Officers who dont perform in service are those who dont see any future in it. For eg, in Navy there is no provision for PC to SS officers. They cant even apply for it the way Army officers can do. Where is the motivation to work. Secondly, a PC officer does his training for more than 3 years and then also I have come across many SPECIMENS in the same category. SS officers is expected to do the same in 6 months. and they do it. So this logic is completely crap. This IPS thing for armed forces has gone into trouble due to US only. We dont take stand for our officers and men when they are in service, forget post retirement treatment. We can change our situation and govt will keep taking us lightly unless the top brass takes a firm stand for rest of the generation of Armed Personnel.

Anonymous said...

Dear Major Navdeep and Readers,
I am writing as anonymous for the reasons well known. Serving currently Dy. Comdt. in BSF and have spent 7 out of 10 years of Duty on various border locations. I had to write this article because I saw that many Young Officers who are the future leaders of the Army, have formed / borrowed certain Preconceived Notions and have no idea whatsoever about the various CAPFs. I know whether its Army or CAPF , both have been short changed by the IAS/IPS. We are as ill treated by MHA as you are being treated by MoD.
Notion 1. CAPF Officers are somehow inferior to Army Officers.
Hard Fact - CAPF Officers are inducted in their Forces on the basis of their performance in the exam CAPF AC conducted by the same UPSC which conducts CDS and NDA. With the syllabus and exam being at par or even tougher at certain times, So this should clear any doubt about their mental ability. Further, no physical fitness test is requires during CDS but it is there in case of CAPF. Army aspirants appear at SSB and CAPFs at UPSC Personality Test. So both mentally and physically CAPF officers are at par with Army.
Notion 2. CAPF Officers are not well trained.
Hard Fact - This notion was actually true in 70s and 80s era, not much facility was there in terms of infrastructure etc. But things improved drastically with time, CAPF academies like BSF Officer training Academy, Tekanpur , CISF National Industrial Security Academy are designated as Centres of Excellence by GOI. They are imparting best training possible for their respective domains. CAPF officers undergo 1 year rigorous training in all aspects like firearms, combat, strategy, management etc. Just like CDS/OTA entry people undergo at there academies.
Notion 3. CAPF Officers are corrupt and whimsical like the IPS cadre or CAPFs are like Sate Police forces.
Hard Fact - We follow the battalion pattern of organisation, not the Thanas and Police Chowkis which are den of corruption in State Police. The organisation is not corrupt if a few members take bribe and lower their ethical standards. Same is true for Army , Tell me you dont find a few people among you who are corrupt to the hilt. CISF work ethics are vouched for by private organisations who take their protection. CAPFs have served in UN peace keeping missions abroad and increased the prestige of the country.
Notion 4. CAPF officers have cushy jobs , less sacrifice than Army
Hard Fact - Visit a BSF Border Outpost in farthest corners of desert or the BOP in high altitudes of Kashmir, where temperatures are well below 0degree. Visit a treacherous mountain outpost of ITBP , you will know what sacrifice is. BSF counters the Pak shelling day in and day out, it took part in wars alongside Army. Not even a single inch of BSF controlled area has been lost in wars including Kashmir. Visit CRPF camp in Chattisgarh, you will know what courage and sacrifice is. The casualties in CAPFs are more then Army , yet Personnel dont get declared as Marty, they just expire in line of fire. The sad part is that there are no peace postings like army where officers can relax and enjoy in well maintained Cantts. This effectively puts a mental pressure on officers and their families, spouses specially.
Notion 5. CAPF Officers are well paid.
Hard Fact - At least 50% posts above DIG level are manned by IPS and the forces are led by IPS officers who have never taken part in Counter Insurgency Operations or spent even a single year in operation at border of IndiaCAPF are further suffering from Acute Stagnation too , even those at Civillian Payscales. Despite having faced the same hardship and sacrificing a civillian life for securing the country like Army, CAPFs dont get Service Pay of anykind, Honble Supreme Court has taken note of this grave injustice. Further while it takes Army / IPS officers 13 years to reach Pay Band -4 , CAPF Officers have to wait for 16-20 years in different forces, due to lack of time scale promotion.

Best Wishes to all Army and CAPF folks.