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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Leave accumulation orders amended and made applicable from 01 Jan 2006

The orders regarding encashment of leave after the 6th CPC were amended vide Govt of India letter dated 12 April 2010 wherein certain changed were effectuated in the rules regarding encashment of accumulated leave. A system of encashment of accumulated leave without linkage to service length was introduced which was also made applicable to Short Service Commissioned Officers, subject to the overall limit of 300 days.

The above letter was however made applicable with effect from 01 Sep 2008 meaning thereby that it was not to apply to those who had retired / released / invalided / discharged prior to the said date, even thought the Department of Personnel and Training on the civil side had made it effective from 01 Jan 2006 by issuing an amendment.

Now the Ministry of Defence has issued a corrigendum dated 18 July 2011 taking back the effective date to 01 Jan 2006. Officers and other ranks who were released from service between 01 Jan 2006 and 31 Aug 2008 may now apply for encashment in light of the above orders, if beneficial.

Thanks to Maj Avi Sud for his persistent efforts in getting this through from the Ministry of Defence.


ashwini handa said...

Great job done Maj Avi Sud for persevering with MoD on this. But should it not have been automatically done by MoD once it was implemented on the civil side by DOPT. Anyway prodding is required at MoD to push through even issues one assumes should be automatic. Thanx too to Maj Navdeep for putting this up in the blog post.
Was just thinking aloud why only Majors take up cudgels on these issues, which crop up from time to time, when even Colonels & Generals are the affected parties ( remember Maj Dhanapalan's rank pay case). Is it the vigour of youth or a fire in their belly as a middle level officer, which gets extinguished by the time one wears red tabs ? Anyway good show Maj Avi Sud. Keep it up.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Navdeep for enlightiing. But one clarification pls, the MOD corrigendm's date 18 Jul 09? It seems to a typo error or pls ignore if i misundertood.

indianmilitaryveterans said...


We are really thanks to Maj Avi Sud for his good job.

Thanks for You for publishing the latest to veterans.

KS Ramaswamy

Defence News said...


We are really thanks to Maj Avi Sud for his good job.

Thanks for You for publishing the latest to veterans.

KS Ramaswamy

Olive Greens Chandigarh said...

Thanks to Maj Sud and Navdeep.
One will have dig the files to see if one is affected party??

Anonymous said...

Ashwini's last two lines is a bitter truth.
Any one any knowledge ,if orders for broadbanding / rounding off the disability percentage to 50%,75%,100%
to pre 1-1-06 retired disability pensioners ( armed forces personnel)
are issued ?

Amit said...

Sir, just wanted to have query that in services CL is discarded and officers are forced to apply for CL. Further, in peace postings when the work load is minimum and there is no emergency, why the number of leaves are restricted. What can be done in such cases.

Regards and Fateh,

Indian Navy

Anonymous said...

Thanks to Maj Avi Sud for good job done and Maj Navdeep for enlighting it.

- Gurjinder

Anonymous said...

Good news sir, can you post the MOD corrigendm for all our ease. Gopinath

Anonymous said...


Can you please upload the link to this letter... I am having trouble convincing my SAO at LW (PCDAO)...He needs to see the physical copy. Thx

Mahesh said...

Thanks a lot. I along with four of our friends have even planned to file a case for the same. pls upload copy if you have please.

Mahesh Dhaka

Anonymous said...

Respected Sir,
1. I Hav HS Rawal has been retired wef 01 Aug 2011 after completion of normal terms of condition from Army.

2. During my entire service I had surrendered 293 days annual lve for encashment.

3. During the final settlement of accts PAO(OR) AOC had deducted 20 days from my entitlement of lve encashment (i.e 293-20=273) and paid me the amt equal to 273 days instead of 293.

4. The PAO(OR) AOC has informed me that an indl can surrendered maximum 30 days lve (accumation of lve + LTC) in a year, whereas, I had surrendered 30 days annual lve and 10 days LTC during 2010 & 2011. Deprived by the rules I have reported the matter with AOC Records and found eligible as per rules issued of IHQ. But the PAO(OR)AOC not agreed with the rule.

5. Please advise/comments.

With warm regards.

my email is : hsrawal9@gmail.com

Mahesh said...


I am an Ex-NCO and avid follower of your blog since 2007. Sir, I have searched for MoD corr dt 19 Jul 2011 but could not trace it on web. Will it be possible for you to upload a copy?? Thanks and regards. Mahesh Pathak

Anonymous said...

sir, excellent job done by Maj Avi Sud, which is beneficial for the community. Cdr RKS

Lt Col Basant said...

Thanks Maj Navdeep and Maj Sud. I just spoke to CDA(O). about this they are blissfully unaware. Can you get us a copy of MOD amendment pl.
Lt Col Basant Sinha (Retd)

Anonymous said...

Thanks Maj Avi Sud
really a great job done. can i get the copy of MoD Corrigendum 18 Jul 11 on accumulation and encashment of leave.

with regards

Ex Jwo Mangat Ram

venugopal said...

Maj Navdeep Singh,
Can you please give the letter number of the corrigendum dated 18 july 2011 if not the copy. I have been searching for it since your first original post. I have 36 days leave encashment to be claimed. I will be thankful.

Lt col v.s.venugopal(Retd)

mridul said...

if a soldier stays in military hospitals for complete three years without leave due to illnes
and then goes out of service ,is his leave can be encashed ?