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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Ensuing modified parity in casualty pensionary awards : Defence employees and families

As conveyed earlier on this blog, the letter related to modified parity in disability / extra-ordinary pension of pre and post-2006 civil employees has already been issued by the Department of Pensions and Pensioners’ Welfare. The Ministry of Defence is also working on the draft government letter (DGL) to be issued in the same respect for pre-2006 defence pensioners and defence family pensioners.

The normal disability element of pension (which is paid in addition to the service element / pension) would be 30% of the applicable minimum of pay in the pay band + Grade Pay + MSP for 100% disability, proportionately reduced for lower percentage of disability.

Special family pension shall be 60% of minimum of pay in the pay band + Grade Pay + MSP in accordance with the rank and liberalised family pension shall not be less than minimum of pay in the pay band + Grade Pay + MSP.

It is again clarified that the letter dated 30-09-2010 is not applicable to defence pensioners for whom separate orders shall be issued.


Anonymous said...

what about Liberalized family pension ?

Is the mentioned letter applicable to it too?

Anonymous said...

Dear Navdeep
Thanks for updating on the issue.I am Cat " E " disability.I hope for diffrent categories it is on similar lines as the letter issued on 30.09.10 for civilians. Hope for the best and ofcourse early issue by the Defence Ministry.

Anonymous said...

Happy Diwali Maj Navdeepji and all followers of this fantastic Blog. May God shower all her blessings to all our family.

s.Kanthiah said...

This is a useful news. But if the same formula is adopted for defence, it is disadvantage for Ranks up to Hav. Let us hope for a better formula.

Exweltrust, Tirunelveli-Dist, TN.

Anonymous said...

Maj Navdeep.
Happy Diwali for all defence pensioners.
Hope to see the letter issued by MOD on your website soon.
Does it mean that for all pre 1-1-06 retirees Lt Colonels maximum disabilty pension for 100% disability is expected to be 30% of 51400
( 37400+8000+6000) = 15420 pm ?
Once again Happy Diwali to all defence pensioners & their families.

Anonymous said...

any rationalisation of enhanced arte of family pension ?
so far it is being fixed by CCDA(P) at amount equal to the revised pay and NOT better of the two i.e. revised pay and 50% of minimum pay in the pay band ...
in the cases like that of Lt Colonels
(pre 1-1-06 retirees) 50% of minimum pay in the pay band is more beneficial.

Anonymous said...

There is a great discrimination against reemployed officers who retired prior to 1-1-06 and continued/took reemployment beyond 1-1-06.
They are being paid much less than those reemployed officers who retired after 1-1-06.
It is against the natural law of same pay for same work.
The two categories of reeemployed officers were paid at different rate for same nature of work at the same time .
Officers affected by these orders served on reemployment from 1-1-6 to appx ( at most ) 31-12-09.
Hope authorities concerned take note of it and take action for same pay for same work.

Anonymous said...

"Your own comfort comes always last" is followed for defence pensioners in letter and spirit.
We feel proud when we read in newspapers that we built a bridge for commonwealth games in delhi just in 5 days....but it disappoints retired officer like me to see that people concerned are NOT able to issue a simple letter in more than 50 days ( after it is issued for our civilian comrades ).
Hope ....subah jaroor hogi.
Jai Hind.

Unknown said...

What happen to the letter for disability pension. Till date it not come out of min of Defence.


Wg Cdr Ravi Mani said...

Dear Maj Navdeep: For pre 1.1.2006 cases, enhanced Family Pension is payable for 7 years from date of death of pensioner or till date on which pensioner would have attained age of 65, whichever is earlier (it is for 7 years/age 67 for post 1.1.2006 cases). Now, taking a specific case, my understanding is that the surviving spouse of a Lt Col(and equiv) Substantive will get Rs 25,700 + DR as Enhanced Family Pension during the period of applicability of the above clause. Is this correct? A confusion has arisen because of the contents of PCDA(P) Allahabad Circular No 397, which states that concept of modified parity is not applicable to pre-1.1.2006 pensioners/family pensioners. Is it right to understand that this is irrelevant other than in relation to anomalies i.r.o Brigs,Maj Gens, Lt Gens. Regards, Wg Cdr (Retd) Ravi Mani