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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

All India Service Officers posted in North-East can use MH facilities

Officers of the All India Services (Indian Administrative, Police and Forest Services) and their families can now avail facilities in Military Hospitals while posted in the North-East. The said facility shall be provided on payment basis subject to the applicable Hospital Stoppage Rates (HSR) approved for military medical facilities by the Ministry of Defence. HSR figures were last revised in August 2005 by the MoD and shall remain in force till August 2010.

The letter issued for AIS officers alongwith the applicable rates can be downloaded and accessed by clicking here.

While the goodwill gesture to other services may be a welcome move for officers of these services posted in the NER, but what our own old war veterans, especially Emergency Commissioned Officers, are facing on the same turf is nothing to be proud of. Limited outdoor medical facilities granted to non-pensioner veterans by the MoD as well as the Army Headquarters are still being refused to be honoured by the M-Block.


Anonymous said...

i sincerely hope that gradually the armed forces personnel dont become second priority clients in our MHs. in all probability the IAS guys will throw their weight around and ensure they get VIP status, at the cost of our own serving and retired personnel. also it could be a ploy to get themselves referred to RR delhi for the treatment of their dependents.

Anonymous said...

I think immediately the medical facilities for our emergency commossioned officers be restored.

Absolutely unrelated but I would also like to add, that Col board for all Arms should also be same, because in some disparity is tremendous, like in Infantry Col board is 15 yrs, and in AMC it is presently at 21-22 yrs of physical service, notwithstanding antedate seniority, unfortunately DACP is also not implemented yet.

Unknown said...

Navdeep, comments posted by anonymous users should not be published ! what do you say ?

kuldeep said...

Maj Navdeep

But I believed that this matter had been sorted out and all SSCOs/ECOs were being allowed MH facilities without any problems.

Capt Kuldeep Khera


surely@first entry anonymous...as u see the already long queues of the fauji and their families awaiting for their turn outside OPDs in NE and any other MH across....more fleets of IAS,IFS and IPS...will be augmenting another feather in the cap of already full of feathers cap....wow decision...further load on RR at the end....where are we heading...i really await the state of affairs in another 10 years of the armed forces...badly handled sadly

DEEPAK said...

That is interesting news.Soon we will see our politicians asking for the same.

Anonymous said...

next in line..CSD Smart Cards to all.

Anonymous said...

MH facilities for IAS, IPS etc ? soon DRDO pers will also want it , they already enjoy most of the perks enjoyed by faujis. As it is they have extended csd facilities for non entitled persons and no body has blinked an eyelid !
why bother ? let them loot us !

JK said...

Dear all,
It is a NEWS indeed to note that the medical facilities are extended to the All India Services Officers. Though I acknowledge the sentiments of others, I differ in my opinion.The issue can be addressed in three ways:-

(a) We can outright deny the facility. Since, the order has already been passed you cannot do anything about it.The professional ethics and our own traditions will not allow medicos to differentiate between a civilian and fauji.

(b) Accept the order but take this be a window to force the MoD to restore the medical facilities for ex-emergency commissioned and SSC officers.

(c) As far as the fear of second priority goes, it has been time and again proved that WE do not respect OUR OWN clan. It is unfortunate reality of which our civilian counterparts have taken full advantage.

(d) Ofcourse, it is just matter of time before we loose all the SO CALLED PRIVILEGES like CSD, RR etc. But, I don't blame anyone else but our short sightedness.

Over the years faujis have become myopic and engulfed themselves with the mundane in-service issues. We hardly look outside to see how other organisations project themselves and grow in size and status.

Why is this pitiable condition? Who is responsible for this? Who has got the cure for this? Any answer?

SELF HELP is the only answer to all this question. Tri-service officers must work in sync and the policies must be standardised. The inter & intra service disparities must be removed. Then only we can even dream of progressing.

Any organisation, so what even if it inherits 200 years old tradition and most modern equipments,IF the decision makers do not change their outlook with time.While traditions are to be cherished, they cannot be roadblocks in the path of progress.

Even most of the military leaders who dare to think and act in a progressive manner miss out on considering any issue in totality. Often, we hear senior officers urge their men-"widen your horizon and adapt yourselves to the latest technology and western work culture". Unfortunately, what they miss out (mostly intentional) that the output = input. How can expect a non-matric/matric jawan from a non-descript rural village to understand the modern work culture etc. We must realise that WE CANNOT MILK A BULL-FOR MILK I HAVE TO BUY A COW. As someone else also said if pay PEA NUTS you get MONKEYS only.

In the end I would like to add that it is not the people at the top today who are to be blamed, the system has been gradually degrading. By default the faujis have to surrender their freedom of speech till the time in service and either not-interested or unheard after retirement. That is why we find lot of ANONYMOUS comments.

Let us not bogged down by the format (ananymous or named) but see the content and act on it, if it is worth. Even today it is not late to initiate the reform.But,

The soldiers should realise that that they have been sidelined because they have never made their worth felt where ever it was required. Always we believe in DO YOUR DUTY AND NEVER EXPECT ANYTHING IN RETURN(do not confuse between return with economics it means true recognition of your worth here)

The top brass should be ready to move ahead and adopt an inclusive management system? The details can be worked out in house.

Here, the role of all those veterans who have SEEN IT ALL is a must. By merely blogging we can only vent off our feelings. But through lobby (which is a strict NO for serving personnel)they should be able to persuade the powers that be.

Let us all practically prove what is the power of SYNERGY?

Jai hind.

Unknown said...

Dont we know that the lowest IPS/IAS off is prob asst commisioner/asst sup police and they are posted at subdivisional levels and not below. Each sub div or tq level has a tq hospital with all the spl.And all these off are stones away from dist hosp with the means at their disposal.So why should they be given this facility when army is facing resource crunch?BACK DOOR ENTRY FOR THEM LIKE THEY DID TO OTHTER CIVILIAN SERVIECES!!!!