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Thursday, July 3, 2008

A reason to cheer for Majors/Lt Colonels too ? Additional pay bands may be recommended for mid level officers !

The Sixth CPC had recommended just one pay-band (PB-3) for officers from the rank of Lieutenant to Brigadier. The Anomalies Committee however, according to reports, is going to recommend different (enhanced) pay-bands for mid level officers. The earlier recommended 4 pay-bands are also being jacked up to 10. Let's see what ultimately happens since the committee is yet to present its final report.

More in 'The Tribune' today, Click here to see

New scales, 15 pc additional pay for armed forces
Implementation from Jan ’07
Vijay Mohan
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, July 2The Pay Revision Committee has suggested an additional pay of 15 per cent for the armed and paramilitary forces, over and above the revised basic pay scales. The committee has also proposed to upwardly revise the basic pay scales recommended by the Sixth Pay Commission (SPC) and an increase in grade pay at all levels.

The SPC had recommended a maximum grade pay of Rs 13,000, while the committee has suggested Rs 18,000 as the highest grade pay. The grade pay fixed by the SPC for the junior most Group A officer was Rs 5,400, which the committee has increased to Rs 7,000. The committee has also suggested annual increments of four per cent instead of the 2.5/3.5 per cent recommended by the SPC. The suggestions drafted by the committee, headed by the Cabinet Secretary, are subject to final approval and sanction of the Cabinet.

However, the committee has also suggested that new pay scales be implemented with effect from January 1, 2007, instead of January 1, 2006, that was recommended by the SPC. If approved, this would imply that Central government employees would not get arrears equivalent to one year’s revised salary as was being expected. The recommendations of the Fifth Pay Commission were implemented with effect from January 1996. Since a pay commission is set up once it 10 years, it was believed that the recommendations of the SPC would be implemented from January 2006.

According to documents available with The Tribune, the 15 per cent additional pay worked out by the committee ranges from Rs 1,248 per month at the lowest level to a maximum of Rs 9,048 at the highest.

In addition, the committee has suggested 15 pay scales instead of the 22 recommended by the SPC. It has that also suggested 10 pay bands instead of the four recommended by the latter.
The lowest pay scale (1-S) recommended by the SPC was 4440-7440 1300. The corresponding pay scale (PB-1) suggested by the committee is 5,500-16,500 with grade pay of Rs 2,500. The basic pay works out to be Rs 8,000 and with the inclusion of annual increment (4 pc), dearness allowance (15 pc) and the 15 per cent additional pay, the lowest gross pay works out to be Rs 10,816.

The highest pay scale recommended by the SPC was 39,200-67,000 13,000. The corresponding scale suggested by the committee is 40,000-60,000 along with a grade pay of Rs 18,000. In this scale, the basic pay works out to be Rs 58,000 and with the inclusion of increment, DA and additional pay the gross pay at the highest level (PB-10) works out to be Rs 78,416.

Applicable allowances and benefits depending upon the service and place of posting are separate.
Prior to the SPC recommendations, the Central government had pay scales running from S-1 to S-32. The SPC recommendations placed the existing scales from S-1 to S-3 in the pay band 1-S, from S-4 to S-8 in the pay band PB-1, from S-9 to S-15 in the pay band PB-2, from S-16 to S-27 in the pay band PB-3 and from S-28 to S-32 in the pay band PB-4. The committee has divided these into 10 pay bands.


sanjaya said...

At last some good news...thanks!

Anonymous said...

Can you clarify on the applicability of DA. It is so confusing in the SCPC report. Going by simple calculations, any DA announced after 1.1.2006 should be applicable. However there is some confusing formula in the report.

Anonymous said...

One of the vernacular news papers gave out various pay bands as recommended by the committe of secretaries. These are posted at staff corner.com

Clearly of these Pb 6 to PB 10 are applicable for officers. Only PB 10 is 40000 to 60000. Others start with 15000, 16000, 17000 and 18000 respectively.

It looks as if the IAS lobby wants its officers after 14 years to get Rs 40000 where as no Maj or Lt Col can get there. "This new PB 6 to PB 10 is old wine in a new bottle". Will our generals in the army see through this or fall for the self seving interests of the IAS.

But I hope other pay bands also have suitable jumps.

Unknown said...

the current rate of NPA given to serving doctors should be included for computing the modified parity revised pension of past doctor pensioners. If not, the pay bands of doctors should be higher than that for others, merging the NPA in the pay band itself.Otherwise the confusion that has been created after the V CPC regarding NPA in the computation of total and modified parity pension of past doctor pensioners will continue to persist and the doctors being discriminated against wherein they donot get the total parity/ modified parity with doctors, while all other categories of personnel from the lowest to the highest echelons are equated with their own category.

DESTINY4U said...

a great effort from the protagonist of this blog to present news of our relevance in a platter like this..The rumours about SPC were proved wrong when the cat was out of the bag..so lets not be presumptuous in our assumtions..hopefully this time around , rumours fo in our favour..does anyone have any idea about date of cabinet approval on it???

Anonymous said...

When we had joined IAF, a squadron leader used to get his rank after 13 years of service and couldnot become a Wg Cdr even after 20 years of service due to bottleneck created by the efficient people of the GOVERNMENT and we were as such , considered as senior officers along with Wg Cdr and Gp Capt, whearas now a squadron Leader gets his rank after 7 years of service. HOW CAN ANY BODY COMPARE the Squadron Leaders/Majors of the two eras, todays and yesteryears. In earlier days , one could become a TIME SCALE WING CDR in 21 years. HENCE, YOU SEE THAT FOR ONE YEAR GAP IN SERVICE THERE IS DIFFERENCE OF Rs 14100 to Rs 26000. It is not logical . So there should be a cut off date for considering the Squadron Leaders/Majors who have retired with 20 years of service, of the earlier era in payband 4 in the sixth pay commission. The pay commission has considered only today’s Squadron Leaders/ majors for deciding the pay commission paybands and have not seen the difference and agony gone through by bottlenecked officers of the earlier era. IT SHOULD BE CONSIDERED NOW and amendment may, please be raised just like it has been done for Lt Col./Wg Cdr ,for Sqn Ldrs and Majors also. You can see that pension fixed for captains is higher than that of majors with service upto 20 years .One can argue that pension for less than 20 years is applicable for officers who are injured and disabled in action. DO YOU THINK IT IS GOOD TO INSULT THEM.
I also request to know as to when ONE RANK ONE PENSION is going to be raised as presented and commited by the DEFENCE MINISTER in Parliament on 13 july 09.
SENIOR IAS OFFICERS WHO CREATED THE DOCUMENT OF SIXTH PAY COMMISSION SHOULD BE asked to live in THAR desert without any aid and water and survive even for seven days and come out alive walking and then write another pay commission report.

Anonymous said...

I would like to have more information on this

Anonymous said...

we are to follow the spirit of Para 5 of the MOD GOI Dept of Ex-servicemen welfare letter no 17(4)2008(1)D(pen/Policy) dated 11 Nov 2008 which states that the the consolidated pension in no case shall be lower that fifty percent of the pay in the pay band plus grade pay plus MSP of the corresponding pay band.At 20 years of qualifying service a Major gets a pension of Rs 11964 and a Lt COl Rs21314.SEE THE DIFFERENCE in pension vs difference in getting a rank of Lt Col.

Anonymous said...

I want to inform you all that all university teachers who are readers with three years of service have been placed in PAY BAND 4.And they have already been paid also.
It looks funny that Lt,Capt and Majors are in payband 3.
You can check from any University near you.