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Saturday, June 14, 2008

A slide show on Benefits & Privileges : Servicemen(/women) and Veterans

On popular demand, here is a slide show on certain benefits and privileges available under various laws and schemes to defence personnel and veterans.


jas said...

Kindly refer slide no 29,in addition to War Widows Disabled Soldiers are also entitled to 50% concession on Telphone Rental charges w.e.f 18 SEP 2000 along with exemption from payment of Registeration charges and intallation charges.The same is applicable to Gallantry Award Winners w.e.f 13.06.2000. J.S. Bhinder

Anonymous said...

The following is an extract from The Deccan Chronicle Newspaper published on 18 Jun 2008 from Hyderabad.
“Army may restrict premature retirements

New Delhi, June 17: Hit by a sudden jump in the number of Army officers applying for premature retirement (PMR) after the pay commission recommendations were announced, the defence ministry is actively considering restricting the number of PMR approvals or even do away with the provision entirely.

As per the present law, an officer can apply for PMR after 20 years of service and a soldier after 15. On an average, 100 to 200 officers apply for PMR each year but 2008 has seen a sudden spurt with close to 800 officers wishing to retire. The issue of such a large number of applicants was discussed at a recent meeting between the Army Chief and the defence secretary, who is believed to have told the general to restrict the number of PMR approvals if needed and also consider scrapping the scheme altogether.

The country’s 1.1-million Army is already short of about 11,000 officers. The Infantry, which comprises about 3.4 lakh personnel, roughly one-third of the entire force, is the worst hit by this. For the past two weeks, the corridors of Sena Bhavan have been rife with talk that PMR provisions could be put on hold anytime.

A few weeks ago, the chiefs of staff committee (CoSC) made a presentation to the defence minister on the “anomalies in the Sixth Central Pay Commission (CPC)”, a copy of which is with this newspaper. The Navy and Army Chiefs were also present at the briefing. Some of the main points highlighted at the top-level meeting were that the armed forces “face serious officer level manpower shortages”, coupled with problems of “recruitment and retentivity”. It was submitted that service officers need to be retained and “not released as lateral absorption is not feasible”.

And for this to happen, there has to be a “service incentive allowance”. The presentation made to de-fence minister A.K. Antony detailed the various flaws in the CPC, the main being that existing “rank pay” (is) not taken into account for computing “grade pay” for officers.

This, the armed forces say, is “contrary to the stated position of the sixth CPC wherein it was accepted that rank pay was carved out of the payscales”. Also, the non-inclusion of rank pay would result in depressed “grade pay” to officers. Also, the shorter length of scale of service officers, on account of the fact that they have six scales up to the rank of brigadier, unlike four scales below joint secretary in the civil cadre, has not been factored in. ” UnQuote

Anonymous said...

Great effort! Keep it up!

Anonymous said...

Sir, As per the Indian Toll (Army and Airforce) Act 1901 the personal effect and goods of tps incl officers are exempted from toll tax, however at Aurangabad toll point the toll operator collected the same siting some rule which have been forwarded in 2007. shortly i will forward the letter to you. but is it correct for that operator for collection of such tax, can a complain be done against that operator.